Texas Motocross Tracks
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Tracks Courtesy of Motocross Action

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290 Motocross Park

Directions: Take Highway 290 west out of Houston for 20 miles past the FM1960 intersection to Mathis Road. Turn left and turn to the left as soon as the railroad tracks are crossed. Head a quarter of a mile to the entrance on the right.
Race promoters: 290 Motocross Park (409) 931-2000, GNC (214) 351-9900, NMA (310) 868-8112 & AMA (614) 891-2425.
Layout: Flat terrain with mild supercross obstacles on sandy loam and at an elevation of 60 feet. Course length for the night time track is 6/10 mile and one mile for daytime version. There are numerous double, step ups, step downs, and tabletop jumps with lots of big, tall berm turns and two sections of whoops.
Contact: (409) 931-2000.

Burleson MX Park

Directions: From downtown Ft. Worth take Interstate 35W 14 miles south to Exit 38/Alsbury, turn left to the east for two miles and the track is on the right hand side of the road as soon as the creek is crossed.
Race promoters: Burleson MX Park (817) 295-1760, (817) 295-8908, GNC (214) 351-9900, NMA (310) 868-8112.
Layout: Rolling terrain, mostly outdoor with mild supercross obstacles at a 400-foot elevation. The length is 9/10 of a mile and the soil is sandy loam. A 30-rider, backwards falling on dirt gate is used, and most like to line up in the center positions.
There are large oak trees on the property, offering shade to the pit area.
Contact: (817) 295-1760 or(817) 295-8908.

Clear Creek MX Park

Directions: From Waco take Interstate 35 forty miles south into Belton and travel west for 20 miles on Highway 190 to the Clear Creek exit in Fort Hood. Turn right (north) and travel six stop lights and make left at Turkey Run Road for a quarter mile and turn right into the track at the sign.
Race promoters: Fort Hood Dirt Riders (817) 699-7751.
Layout: Mild hills, 1.3 miles outdoor course with some doubles and step-ups and a gravity cavity. Elevation is 900 feet and soil consistency is loamy, sandy, red clay.Clear Creek track is located on Fort Hood Dirt Riders' club area within the Fort Hood military reservation and has been in operation for 27 years. Besides the two tracks there are 3000 acres of available riding area which the base opens up additional riding areas for weekends and club days.
Contact: (817) 699-7751.

Deer Creek MX Park

Directions: From Fort Worth take Interstate 20 west to Highway 377/Grandbury exit south for eight miles, turn right at FM 1187 and the track is on the left hand side.
Race promoters: Deer Creek MX Park (817) 443-0322.
Layout: Hilly, 900-foot elevation, 1-1/2-mile course over natural terrain with hardpack dirt and some sand. The design is mostly supercross until the course heads into the woods for a mile-long, natural-terrain section. The venue is not only best known for being an excellent supercross track, but for the organized race day and week day practices that group riders of equal skill together .
Contact: (817) 443-0322.

Good Times Motorsports Park

Directions: Take Interstate 35 south of San Antonio for 15 miles, exit right (east) one mile on Exit 127 to the track.
Race promoters: Good Times Motorsports Park (210) 665-6419 and AMA (614) 891-2425.
Layout: Hilly, 1-3/4-mile, 650-foot elevation, outdoor motocross with added supercross obstacles for night layout. Dark loam covers the course. A 30-rider, backwards on dirt starting gate is used. Riders prefer lining up to the left of starter box. Factory motocross star Kent Howerton helped lay the park out and with the design of the tracks. The track changed ownership and lost momentum at the start of the nineties and it wasn't until the Brown family acquired the track in '92 that Good Times began to reign supreme again.
Contact: (210) 665-6419.

Greenville MX Park

Directions: Take Interstate 30 fifty miles east of Dallas to Exit 96 in Greenville, turn left under the highway and right on FM499 a quarter mile, left on FM118 one mile and right on Country Road 4105 to the track 2.5 miles up on the left.
Race promoters: Bolt Promotions (903) 450-0017, AMA (614) 891-2425, OMEN Promotions (903) 882-7791.
Layout: Technical outdoor, one-mile long layout with supercross obstacles. The elevation is 500 feet and the dirt is hardpack. A backwards falling, 30-rider start sees competitors preferring to line up to the left of the start box. Due to the close proximity to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, events attract competitors from those states as well as Texas.
Contact: (903) 450-0017.

Highlands MX Park

Directions: From Houston take Interstate 10 twenty miles east and pull out on Exit 787. Make a left at the four-way stop and travel over the freeway five miles north past the cemetery to the track on the left hand side.
Race promoters: Highlands Motocross Park, Inc. (281) 843-6686, GNC (214) 351-9900, NMA (310) 868-8112 & AMA (614) 891-2425.
Layout: Mostly outdoor, 1-7/10 mile, built around oak trees and with some manmade jumps. The dirt is sandy loam and elevation is 32 feet. Riders first line up in the middle of the 30-rider, backwards falling on dirt gate.The track is completely prepped for practice and race days.
Contact: (281) 843-6686.

Lake Whitney Motocross Park

Directions: From Whitney take Highway 22 three miles east to FM 2960 for three miles until the end. Turn into the gravel road a quarter mile down to the track on the left hand side.
Race promoters: Lake Whitney Motocross (817) 694-4271, AMA (614) 891-2425.
Layout: Technical terrain up, through and around a gully with a new 150' hill. Course length is 1.6 miles, dirt is sandy loam and the elevation is 400'. The Lake Whitney Cycle Ranch originated in 1969 and has been the site of much of the best, drag out, bar-banging action in the history of American motocross. The loamy layout is located on a 487-acre ranch. Every known factory rider you can think of has ridden Lake Whitney
Contact: (817) 694-4271.

Lakeside Motorsports Park

Directions: Lakeside is located 30 miles from Austin. Take Highway 95 four-miles north of Bastrop, turn right on FM1441 two and a half miles to the track on south side.
Race promoters: Lakeside Motosports (512) 321-9861, (512) 303-9707, AMA (614) 891-2425, GNC (214) 351-9900.
Layout: One mile, outdoor with mild hills and supercross obstacles on tacky, red clay mixed with wood chips and sand. Elevation is 300 feet. Riders line up behind a backwards falling, 25 position on dirt gate. Use the spots to the right of the starter box.
Contact: (512) 321-9861 or (512) 303-9707.

Laredo International Supercross Park

Directions: Laredo is on the Texas/Mexico boarder. Take Highway 359 one mile past Loop 20 and look for the track on the left hand side.
Race promoters: Laredo International Supercross Park (210) 791-7156.
Layout: Supercross profile on flat terrain with big jumps. Course length is 1-1/4 mile, the dirt is hardpack and elevation is 400 feet. A backwards falling starting gate is in the works.
Contact: (210) 791-7156.

Mosier Valley MX

Directions: From Dallas take Interstate 30 west 20 miles to Arlington, exit right and travel north on Collins/Highway 157 five miles to Mosier Valley Road. Turn left and go west five miles to Jimisons Lane, turn left and travel to front gate.
Race promoters: GNC (214) 351-9900.
Layout: Mile and five-eighths, sandy/clay loam, irregular terrain with numerous man-made tabletops at an elevation of 450 feet. Terrain is sandy/clay loam. Mosier Valley is the oldest existing motocross track in Texas (1968). It was started by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who owned a sand pit and needed a place to play.
Contact: (817) 540-0815 or (214) 351-9900.

Oak Creek MX Park

Directions: Take Interstate 20 thirteen miles east of Abilene to Exit Number 301/Cherry Lane north for 1.3 miles and there will be a sign to turn right, 1/2 mile (east) then turn back to north 1/2 mile and track is located on the right hand side.
Race promoters: Oak Creek MX (915) 691-9036, (915) 673-4636.
Layout: Hilly terrain, 1-1/2 mile length course at an 1800-foot elevation with supercross obstacles and a variation between sand, tacky black clay and hardpack soil. Oak Creek MX has been in operation for 20 years. The track attracts a strong showing of Pee-Wees.
Contact: (915) 691-9036 or(915) 673-4636.

Oso Creek MX

Directions: Follow Interstate Highway 37 south towards Corpus Christi and exit Rand Morgan right for six miles, left on Highway 77 and first right onto Clarkwood Road for a mile, right on country Road 62 and follow down 3/4 mile to track on right hand side.
Race promoters: Oso Creek MX Club (512) 814-2940.
Layout: Mostly supercross with a forgiving a triple, double-double, one rocker section and sandy loam/clay dirt. Track length is 1-1/4 miles and the elevation is 100'. Line up three to the left of the starter's box on the backwards falling, 20-rider on dirt gate.
Contact: (512) 814-2940.

Rio Bravo MX Park

Directions: From Houston take Interstate 59 twenty miles north to East Mount Houston road, turn east to the right and stay on the road until you cross over Greens Bayou and immediately turn right after passing the white brick wall on right side of the and into the track.
Race promoters: Rio Bravo Motocross (281) 459-1543.
Layout: Built around a stream, through oaks and willow trees and on totally natural, hilly terrain. Course length is 1.3 miles, the soil can be sand, silt, gumbo, red or gray clay and the elevation is 50 feet. The starting gate is 40 man, backwards and on concrete. Although it has hosted numerous 125, 250 and 500 nationals, Rio Bravo is most noted for being the first track where an American beat the Europeans when Jimmy Weinert captured the '73 Trans-AMA victory against DeCoster, Adolf Weil, Arne Kring, Gerrit Wolsink, Willie Bauer, and a host of other '70s era Euro stars.
Contact: (281) 459-1543.

Rio Grande Valley MX Park

Directions: From Corpus Christi take Highway 77/83 into Brownsville and exit right on Alton Gloor Road for two miles and look for the track on the left hand side.
Race promoters: Rio Grande Valley MX Association (RGV MX Association) (210) 544-3141, (210) 350-3681.
Layout: The Rio Grande Valley track is located at sea level on flat terrain with numerous, safe, tabletop-type jumps. Dirt composition is sandy clay, course length is one mile and riders start from a forward dropping, 20-rider on dirt gate. Line up on the outside close to the release lever.

Swan Cycle Park

Directions: Tyler is located at the midway point between Dallas and Shreveport, LA. Take Interstate 20 eighty miles east of Dallas, three miles south of the Interstate 20 and Highway 69 junction, and five miles outside Tyler.
Race promoters: Swan Cycle Park (903) 882-7791, OMEN (903) 882-7791, AMA (614) 891-2425..
Layout: The dirt is a red clay/sand mix and the backwards falling on dirt starting gate holds 38 riders. Swan is a privately owned, 70 acre riding area that has been in operation since 1969. Owner Trey Clingfost raced all his life and says he simply fell into the deal eight years ago. Swan is best known for perfectly-groomed condition and fun layout. Parking is on eight acres of pecan orchards and offer a shaded, comfortable pit and grassy spectating areas.
Contact: (903) 882-4215 or(903) 882-7791.

T-N-T Raceway

Directions: From Lubbock take Highway 62/82 east 10 miles into Idalou and exit south FM 400 2.5 miles and follow signs to track on east side.
Race promoters: T-N-T Raceway (806) 842-3526.
Layout: Supercross layout, 3/4-mile long on flat terrain at an elevation of 3200'. The dirt is of the tacky, intermediate variety. The raceway was converted from a car oval to full motorcycle use and is best known for excellent preparation..
Contact: (806) 842-3526.

Village Creek MX

Directions: Village Creek is located 12 miles south of Fort Worth. From Interstate 20 take Anglin Drive exit south two miles to Shelby Road, turn left 1/2 mile to track on the right side.
Race promoters: Village Creek (817) 572-7713, OMEN Promotions (903) 882-7791, AMA (614) 891-2425.
Layout: Wide, fast, 1-1/8-mile, outdoor motocross course with big jumps. The ground is hardpack, elevation is 500 feet and a 40-man, backward falling gate on dirt is used. The track is always well prepped and the race program is run in an organized fashion.
Contact: (817) 572-7713.

Waco Eagles MC Park

Directions: Heading south on Interstate 35 into Waco, take Loop 340 and head east for six miles on Highway 6 to track on right hand side of the road.
Race promoters: Waco Eagles MC Park (817) 776-9362, (817) 753-1070.
Layout: Flat terrain, natural and supercross mix, 1.7 mile length, hardpack terrain, and backward falling, 20-rider gate on concrete pad. Start on the far right hand side of the gate. Track elevation is 450 feet. Waco Eagles MC (WEMC) was established in 1934 (yes, they had motorcycles back then). The site has since moved to the current, 58-acre location, where it has resided since '54. The WEMC focuses on family fun for all ages and wants to introduce people to the sport of motocross.
Contact: (817) 776-9362 or (817) 753-1070.

West Texas MX Park

Directions: From Midland take Business 20 west towards Odessa for seven miles to the track on the north side of the road, 1/2-mile before the Midland International Airport.
Race promoters: West Texas MX Park (915) 683-8117, 686-7497.
Layout: At an elevation of 2880 feet, sandy loam soil and a course length of 7/8 mile, the West Texas layout leans more towards supercross. West Texas MX Park is a non-profit club that provides whomever purchases a membership a key to the park. The track has been in operation since '73 and crosses over an oil field pipeline that runs through the track four times. The course used to flood because the straightaways wore down below grade level but the club solved the problem by filling the low sections with loam. This is the site of the '74 West Texas 10,000 that drew names such as Marty Tripes and Tony DiStefano.
Contact: (915) 683-8117 or 686-7497.

Wild Creek MX

Directions: Take Interstate 35W south out of Fort Worth for 20 miles to south on Grandview/Highway 81 exit. Follow three miles through Grandview to FM67, turn right and follow west to the first right hand turn, Hill County Road (HRC) 1429. Follow three blocks to HCR 1430 and turn right at the T-intersecting to the track one mile down.
Race promoters: Wild Creek MX (817) 854-2001, (817) 854-2043, AMA (614) 891-2425.
Layout: Built around Wild Creek, the layout features mild hills, a 400-foot elevation and natural terrain with supercross obstacles. Course length is 1-1/4 miles. The dirt is a loamy mixture of sand and clay. A wooded area offers two monster pecan trees that provide shade for riders on the start.
Contact: (817) 854-2001 or (817) 854-2043.


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