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 Pat Burroughs



Arlington, Tx

Date of Birth



125/200 Expert - J19

Years Racing

2000 is my fifth season

TCCRA Career Highlights

I've beaten Nathan Price twice this year!  Of course, he had a flat both     times...but still!

Bikes Raced

'96, '98 YZ 125

Have you done any other racing besides TCCRA?  If so, what kind and where?

Desert Racing in California and New Mexico and one OCCRA race

What is your best finish in a TCCRA Race?  What year was it?

2nd three times in '97 - 125 Amateur

Previous Classes Raced

125 Amateur, Intermediate, Expert

What is your favorite place to ride, and why?

The California desert.  There's every variety of terrain, and you can get fast for miles at a time without having to constantly make hairpin turns.

Other hobbies other than Motorcycling

Building web pages, and I'm a serious baseball nut


Full-time man of leisure

What do you like best about TCCRA, or Cross-Country racing in general?

It's Not Motocross

Any other Comments

Great job on the site, McFresh.  I'm sure you've done your Posse proud.  (Thanks Pat - McFresh says you are an honorable Posse Member)

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