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Justin Rucker



Sanger, Texas

Date of birth



Mini Amateur - M647

Years Racing


TCCRA Career Highlights

5th at Twin Hills

Bikes Raced

2000 KX 1000

Have you done any other racing besides TCCRA?  If so, what kind and where?

Motocross & Buddy Races

Previous Classes Raced

Mini Amateur

What is your favorite place to ride, and why?

Red River.  Because of the large amount of different terrain.

Other hobbies other than Motorcycling

Mountain Biking.  If it has two wheels then I like it.


I mow the yard, chores, typical isn't it...

What do you like best about TCCRA, or Cross-Country racing in general?

It is fun because it is very hard if you going WFO all the time!!!  I love the woods/

Any other comments

I would like to get to know other people in my class or go ride at Rocky Ridge with them.


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