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Jeffrey Quay

Residence Royse City, Texas
Date of Birth 9/9/58
Class Over 38 Amateur - E686
Years Racing TCCRA 2000 is my first season

TCCRA Career Highlights

In my 2nd race I went down in the first turn and lived   to tell about it         


1998 WR400F

Best Race Finish

In my 1st. race I got 23rd, 4th race in Jean I got 16th, a 30% improvement

Have you ever done any racing besides TCCRA?  If so, what kind and where?

Auto, Hwy 78, during my daily commute home from work
Favorite Place to Ride Prairie Creek in Pittsburg is lots of fun and close to home
Current Hobbies Basketball and Target Shooting
Occupation Electrical Engineer

What do you like best about TCCRA or cross country racing in general?

Enjoy the camping, the kids, friends, fun, and exercise without bone-breaking big air jumps.

Closest Competitor

The Sweeper


How's you guys get so fast?  My long-range plan is to crack the top 10 in the next 4 years before transferring to the over 45 class.

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