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My motorcycling career began at my Grandparent's Ranch in San Jon, New Mexico. My Uncle Jeff Quay (E686) bought me a Yamaha PW 80 when I was eight.  I would always ride up and down the dirt roads surrounding my Grandparent's Ranch.  The only time that I could ride was when I was at my Grandparent's ranch because I lived in an apartment in Albany, New York.  

When I was ten my Uncle bought me my first motorcycle with a clutch.  Yamaha RT100.  I also rode that bike for two years.  

When I was twelve I moved to Royse City, Texas with my Uncle.  We moved in right next door to Nathan Price (J98).  This is when I really got interested in motorcycles.  About two months after moving into our new house my Uncle bought me my first race bike.  Yamaha YZ80.  

I would often go riding at the places that Nathan showed me (Rocky Ridge, Flying P, Prairie Creek, Muenster, etc.).  Then one day while I was play riding on Nathan's practice track I got cross-rutted on a double that Nathan and I had just build, and landed with my left leg on the ground immediately breaking my Femur.  My Orthopedic Surgeon gave me an External Ficator.  I wore that for three weeks until the wounds from the Ficator became infected.  My Orthopedic Surgeon gave me a Hip Spica cast.  If you want to know what Hell is like, I think that this is pretty close.  The cast went up to just underneath my chest, all the way down my left leg, down past my knee on my right leg, with a hip isolator.  I had to wear that cast for three months.

Finally the day came when I got my cast cut off.  It was still about three weeks before I started riding again.

My first TCCRA Race was at Pittsburg in the 99' season.  I was all excited to race my first race, then due to the intense amount of rain, they cancelled it.  We returned after summer break to Pittsburg for the make-up race.  I ended up landing on someone on a table-top after a long straight-away.  The crash snapped my front disc.  My 99' season ended pretty much the way it began.  With three DNF's out of five races.

The 2000 season will be my first full season with TCCRA.  I became hooked on TCCRA my first race and will continue to race in the organization as long as I can.  The people, the club, and the races are great. 



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