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Bud Beunier



Lewisville, Texas

Date of birth



Mini Amateur - M624

Years Racing

2000 is my second season

TCCRA Career Highlights

Right now I'm doing really good in the Mini Amateur class

Bikes Raced

'99 KX 100

Have you done any other racing besides TCCRA?  If so, what kind and where?

I have raced a couple of motocorss races at Weatherford MX

Previous Classes Raced

Mini Amateur

What is your favorite place to ride, and why?

Red River.  I have been riding there for a while and really like the big hills.  Especially Johnson Hill.

Other hobbies other than Motorcycling

I love to Mountain Bike.  I have a Schwinn Homegrown Pro and go riding as often as possible.  It gets you in shape for the Motorcycle Races.



What do you like best about TCCRA, or Cross-Country racing in general?

I like cross-country because it's fun, requires skill (at least most of the time), and because I am pretty good at it.

Any other comments

This is a cool website!


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